Heyday Ventures in house product based on proven European technology and made in India


Single MPPT, Single-Phase Inverters with Unparalleled Efficiency and Performance.
  • High Performance 
    Low Start-Up Voltage, Wide Voltage Range, 97.4$ maximum efficiency.
  • Upgradeable
    Fully optimised for upgrade to the Heysol range of Battery Storage Systems.
  • IP65 Rated
    Engineered to last with maximum flexibility. Suitable for outdoor installation. 
  • Remote Monitoring
    Monitor your system Remotely via Smartphone , App or Web Portal.

0.7KW / 1 KW / 1.5 KW / 2 KW / 2.5 KW / 3 KW / 3.3 KW

Grid-Tied PV Inverter

High Efficiency Dual MPPT Inverter (4k, 5k, 6k)
  • Compact and Robust
    High Conversion Efficiency Lightweight, compact structure design, easy to install.
    IP65, ensuring waterproof and dustproof.
    CapSense Button design for great water proof performance.
  • Quality guaranteed
    Total warranty of 8 years.
    Components used from European, Japanese and American Suppliers for enhanced assurance.
  • Low Operating Expenses
    High conversion efficiency up to 98%.
    Dynamic MPPT with enhanced algorithm to ensure accuracy in real time monitoring.
  • Easy Operation, Intelligent Remote Monitoring
    Support GPRS, WIFI and DRM0 remote intelligent monitoring system.
    Integrated export power management capability.

4 KW / 4.2 KW / 4.6 KW / 5 KW / 5.2 KW / 5.3 KW / 5.6 KW / 6 KW

Photovoltaic On-Grid Inverter

High Efficiency Three Phase, Dual MPPT Inverter
  • Long Life Cycle , Good Durability 
    Use top components from Top brands.
    Natural convection design for better heat dissipation.
    No fans. Low failure rate.
    Suitable for different grid status.
  • High Efficiency , More Generation
    Max. efficiency up to 98.3% and max EU efficiency upto 97.8%, more electricity generated.
    New topology design with high MPPT efficiency, for better utilization of PV panel .
    Wide operating voltage (180-1000 V).
  •  Intelligent User- Friendly 
    Easy Installation.
    Touch screen design, better operating experience.
    Remote monitoring with Web and App, easier to access the data of the system.
  • Multi Protection, High Reliability 
    IP65 design, better anticorrosive property and heat dissipation.
    Multi active and passive protection functions.
    Unique CAN BUS CHOKES design working stably. 

4 KW / 5 KW / 6 KW / 8 KW / 10 KW / 12 KW

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